Criteria For Endorsement

Criteria for ISOT endorsement:

  1. The aim of the of Conference/Meeting/Training/ or any other activity should be aligned to with the goals of ISOT. It should work towards advancement in the knowledge or awareness or research or training of organ donation and organ transplant.
  2. Invitation to President or his representative including Secretary or an executive member as a faculty to the Conference/Meeting/Training/ or any other activity would be required.
  3. ISOT logo should be on the backdrop as well as all conference related materials in a prominent position and have the same size as other logos.
  4. Conference organizers should acknowledge ISOT in press releases or any such material.
  5. Should be applied at least four weeks prior to the Conference/Meeting/Training/ or any other activity.
  6. A report of the activity should be submitted to the ISOT secretariat within one month of conference.

Criteria for ISOT meetings or Events:

In addition to above:

  1. Time gap between such meetings should be – at least two month prior and one month after the national annual ISOT conference so that it may not undermine the national meetings content and sponsorship.
  2. National body of ISOT maybe requested for the initial support for such an event .
  3. It should share at least 25% of the profit with national body of ISOT. However, ISOT as a party cannot be implicated as an indemnitee in such loss.
  4. Certificate should have signature of President and Secretary ISOT.
  5. President and/or Secretary ISOT should be on dais during inaugural/Valedictory function.
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