Indian Society of Organ Transplantation (ISOT) is a registered society under the Indian Societies Act and was registered on 24th April 1990 wide registration no. Guj./2015/Ahmedabad vide letter no. SPL/R.5/1G. The office of the Society moves along with the Hon. Secretary of the Society. The council is the administrative wing of ISOT.

As a charitable society it promotes the ethical science of organ transplantation in India. The society's objectives include

One of its chief activities is to create public awareness regarding organ donation especially deceased donation and transplantation. ISOT accepts grants, donations and endowment from the Government, Corporate Houses, public and individuals for achieving the objectives of society and institutes awards, fellowships, scholarships, grants, stipends, remuneration to the students, deserving members and the research scholars to enable them to undertake education, patient care and research in the field of transplantation.

ISOT organizes national, international, regional meetings, conferences, CME and exhibitions. It also interacts with other national and international societies, NGOs, agencies and individuals to promote the objectives of the society. It also interacts with the State and Central Government in formulating laws and policies in the field of transplantation.

The members of the society include transplant clinicians (both physicians and surgeons), transplant pathologist, basic scientists, researchers and paramedical staff working in field of transplantation that represents kidney, liver, heart, lungs, pancreas, intestine and composite tissue.

Currently It has over 1800 full and associate members. Indian Journal of Transplantation is the official journal of the society and the journal comes out with four issues every year (

The Society also hosts a data acquisition website on organ transplants at All financial donations to the society are partly exempt from Income Tax.

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