Refund & Cancellation


The Indian Society of Organ Transplantation (ISOT), a registered society under the Indian Societies Act, operates with meticulous attention to administrative protocols and ethical considerations. As an organization dedicated to advancing the field of organ transplantation, ISOT acknowledges the importance of transparency and accountability in all its operations.

Within the framework of its administrative functions, ISOT reserves the right to assess and act upon any order or transaction at its sole discretion. This prerogative is exercised judiciously and in accordance with the principles outlined in the society’s bylaws and regulations. Circumstances that may necessitate cancellation include, but are not limited to, constraints on available resources, discrepancies in data, and decisions made by the ISOT council aimed at safeguarding the integrity and reputation of the organization.

Cancellation by Customer

The nature of ISOT’s operations does not typically involve transactions or services that can be subject to customer-initiated cancellations. As an administrative body focused on facilitating communication, collaboration, and knowledge dissemination within the organ transplantation community, ISOT primarily engages in activities that transcend traditional consumer-oriented transactions.

Refund and Return Policy

ISOT adheres to a comprehensive approach to financial transactions, guided by principles of prudence, responsibility, and accountability. While the society maintains a general policy of non-refundability and non-returnability, it recognizes the importance of flexibility in addressing exceptional circumstances that may warrant reconsideration of this policy.

Exceptions to the general policy may arise in instances where errors, oversights, or extenuating circumstances on the part of ISOT result in discrepancies or fail to deliver promised services or benefits to members or stakeholders. In such cases, ISOT is committed to thoroughly reviewing and addressing each situation on its merits, ensuring fairness, transparency, and equity in its decision-making process.

To initiate a request for a refund or return under exceptional circumstances, members or stakeholders are encouraged to formally communicate their concerns to the ISOT council. The council will carefully evaluate each request, taking into account the specific circumstances, the impact on stakeholders, and the overarching objectives of ISOT. While every effort will be made to accommodate legitimate requests, the final decision regarding refunds or returns will be made in accordance with the society’s governing principles and the best interests of its members and stakeholders.

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